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Google enters into real estate

Jun 23, 2010 No Comments by

During the last year or so, internet companies are trying to go everywhere. They just want to grab all they can, whether they can or they just can’t. Google has started providing real estate information service in the UK. This service is free for anyone to use. The service has a sort of mixed feeling […]

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Valuation Workshop – held by Dubai Land Department

Jun 21, 2010 4 Comments by

Dubai real estate authorities have started including stakeholders in future planning and decisions for the Dubai real estate. A recent evidence was the Workshop held by the Dubai Land Department to include the valuators from Dubai and outside, in order to straighten things up. The audience attendance swelled to 80, global as well as local […]

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Dubai going Green!

Jun 16, 2010 No Comments by

As the fever for eco-friendly cities has spread all over the globe, different countries according to their own capacity and resources are trying to ride on the “become green” wave. Apart from a lot of other laws that have been put in place for the Dubai real estate, a new law has been formulated to […]

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Dubai Sports City Project talks underway

Jun 11, 2010 No Comments

There are many projects in Dubai which have faced problems because of one reason or the other. One of these projects is Dubai Sports City. The original business was partnered amongst four partners. Amongst the four partners was John O’ Dolan a leading developer from Ireland who unfortunately took his own life. Many attribute his […]

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