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Relation between cost of living and rentals in Dubai

Feb 28, 2011 No Comments by

Dubai has become an extremely expensive place to live. It fell out of world’s most expensive top 10 places but interestingly it is still an expensive place for restaurants, meal outs, hotels and residencies. If you are living there, doing job and having a normal routine then the most expensive thing you have to face […]

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Negative perspective for Dubai real property market

Feb 23, 2011 No Comments by

There have been a whole lot of discussions for quite some time now about the downward trend of Dubai real estate market. Dubai’s property market started its boom from some seven years back and kept its upward trend when many huge projects completed. These huge projects brought hundreds and thousands of units in market which […]

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Why Rental prices are reducing in Dubai?

Feb 18, 2011 No Comments by

Dubai has always remained an eye catching city in the gulf due to provision of its good employment opportunities, attractive vacation spots, better living standards and endless business benefits. Investors dealing in Real Estate found excellent opportunity to invest in Dubai properties as they could increase their profit margins and could get higher rent in […]

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Focusing on essential repairs to sell property in Dubai

Feb 10, 2011 No Comments

In order to make your property in Dubai attractive for the buyers, you must concentrate on essential repairs before putting it on sale. What is needed is not a major makeover; just simple repairs will do the trick. In order to deal with a tremendous buyers’ market in Dubai, basic repairs serve as an essential […]

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How to buy luxury villas in Dubai?

Feb 07, 2011 No Comments

Buying property in international destination like Dubai is not a new trend. It has become fad to invest for long term over there. Dubai is synonymous with magnificent projects, high rise towers, worth seeing shopping malls and mega developments that have gained international fame due to its unique architectural features. Even though nowadays Dubai real […]

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